Real Estate Done Differently

M A I S O N R E (pronounced masonry) is a Los Angeles boutique real estate agency based in NE Los Angeles. Our curated roster of agents come from varied creative backgrounds in music, art, film, and design, employing artistic vision and innovative strategies when helping both buyers and sellers navigate this ever changing market. We have decades of collective experience, are fluent in market conditions, and precise in our skills. Our love of art and architecture allows us to bring a holistic design to each transaction. We are inspired by the work we do, and as a team, we inspire each other.


From Mailbu to Pasadena, your buying and selling needs are taken care of.

Why Maisonre?

Maisonre is a close knit team of agents with collective decades of experience in both large and small agencies who share our unique perspectives to determine what’s best for our agency and clients. We are an independent agency. We hold the creative control, are able to be hands on with our clients, have the freedom to move fast, and can be flexible to ensure the best outcome.